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Heavily inspired by Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises" and it's famous Bane chant, DESHI BASARA! (He Rises!). After months of dry lyrics and a painful lack of inspiration, this song came from the depths of my heart initially when I was abandoned by fellow producers who were, at the time, working with me on the creation of this album (then titled "BRAVE", which oddly enough...stood for Be Ready for A Vital Emancipation). Not only was it bad for the album because I had to start from scratch and re-create nearly every song we collaborated on, but the principle of someone completely disassociating with you at the drop of a hat with no explanation whatsoever was really hard for me to grasp. It hurt and it sucked but THIS concept was the aftermath. I sampled the classic "The Final Countdown" by Europe for it's triumphant horns to make this song sound as epic and invincible as possible. And the lyrics speak for them self. I hope this will inspire you as much as it has inspired me to KEEP IT MOVING.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is a state of emergency. We need your urgency, if you please. We've done everything that we can... but our efforts were futile. He's back...

If I told you a story 'bout my life how
I came up from a graveyard, I was way down
So I had to pick myself up off the ground
So I could rise, become an icon now
Step to my enemies and I'll take a bow
The show must go on, stadium crowds
Some of y'all look at me and they say "Wow..."
But I'm not conceited nigga, I BELIEVE now
And if you really wanna know just how I feel
'Bout these niggas leavin' me, not a big deal
'Cause I'm used to deception, I'm used to lies
I just take it all in so I can utilize
This weakness as my number one strength
All the way to the top 'cause I'm on the brink
of success and I won't forget the "little people"
GOD numb the pain like an anesthetic needle

Everyone, please remain inside your homes and lock your doors. Remain calm... HE'S COMING BACK!

I lost all my friends but I stay strong
I'm "Unbroken" like a Demi Lovato song
and when people come to ask me "What's wrong?"
I tell 'em that I'm right where I belong
'Cause it's part of GOD's plan that I suffer long
And you'll never take me alive like King Kong
I'm untouchable like The Incredibles
Disney credible
Call me a Brahma Bull 'cause I'm not taking bull
So as I reach this ladder
I'll climb to the top like nothin' else matters
Never look down and I never looked better
with my black tie on in the shined out leather
seats in the Beamer
I'm hot like the heater was blazing the two seater
I'm movin' fast, like 200 miles an hour
A thousand horse power
Cause the time is OUR'S
Why you trippin' off the powder, huh?

Citizens, please do not panic. We are trying to keep this under control. Please, remain calm. AHHHH.

(I will rise, I will rise!)
You can look me in the eye
(I will rise, I will rise!)
Though they left me here to die
(Still I rise, still I rise!)
And I know I'll be alright
(Still I rise, still I rise!)
Yes, I know that I'll be fine
(I will rise, I will rise!)
You don't know just how I feel
(I will rise, I will rise!)
When they come and try to steal
(Still I rise, still I rise!)
But my heart is made of steel
(Still I rise, still I rise!)
And I've got undying will

State of Emergency! Everyone, please... run for your lives... RUN!

I'm out to change the whole world, could you handle that?
Lift up the whole globe, put it on my back
And yes, the goal is stadium status
Bare it all for the people like my name was Atlas
You know what the world needs?
Not a Bentley, or Maserati
They need somebody on a mission
and to listen to the struggle
and the pain and to speak life
and to change situations, nations
to levitation
NOT demise
but to RISE to the occasion!

Ladies and gentlemen...The reinvention... of Enxo. After all the deception and all the lies... still I rise.

Still We Rise.


from Rise - Single, released September 11, 2012
Written by L. Burroughs
Produced by Enxo
Code Blaque SESAC


all rights reserved



Enxo San Diego, California

A 20-something San Diego native. Musician, turned producer, turned singer, turned rapper. A 'LXGEND' in the making.

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